We all have different needs 

Are you already happy with your qualifications and don’t want to undertake further training? Then we can also help you get a full-time, casual or part-time job through ON-Q, our disability employment services partner.

All you need is to be a veteran or member of a veteran’s family with a disability, injury or health condition, including mental illness.




What we can provide

ON-Q is a not-for-profit organisation specialising in disability employment and NDIS support, and has been providing support and employment pathways for over 30 years. It offers services that help those living with disability or mental health challenges to learn new skills, increase their independence and reach their goals, whatever they might be. 

Clients will experience personal, specialised support and recognition of unique challenges faced by veterans and their families. During your journey you can typically expect:

          • regular face-to-face meetings with your dedicated consultant;

          • opportunities to gain new skills and abilities, 

          • access to work experience opportunities;

          • access to ongoing services to help you to manage adversity; 

          • introductions to employers who understand and support the veteran community;

          • access to other funded services to assist you cope with your conditions. 



You or your family’s eligibility will depend on the disability, injury or health condition being experienced. These conditions range from those that have already been recognised and compensated by the Department of veterans’ Affairs or other government or insurance body, through to recently diagnosed illnesses currently being treated by your doctor or other medical professional.

Any physical or mental health or social condition, no matter how minor, can be a barrier to employment. Services to help you over these are available for the asking. Speak to us about your eligibility now.

Your next step

Seek more details about this program and enquire about

eligibility by completing a brief disability services enquiry form

at any time, or by phoning 1300 853 080 during business hours.

Jobs4Heroes is confident that our partners can prepare you both physically and mentally for work, help you get that job and keep it, for life.